portraits-ThereseAbout Therese:
Therese has been a practicing Spiritual Consultant for 20 years; her gifts include clairvoyance, mediumship, and shamanic healing. She has embraced the teachings of Shamanic Medicine and has traveled to Peru three times to learn from the medicine men and women there. She operates a private practice in Kamloops.
She has been a published channel in the Sedona Journal of Emergence since 2002, and has been a contributor to the Interior WellnessMagazine.
Therese’s adventures into the invisible realms began in 1993 after the passing of her father, when she began meditating. She was amazed and delighted with the visions she saw and the healing that occurred. This time of personal healing led Therese to begin to “see” her Spirit Guide Wise One and with her initiation into the invisible realms, she became a student of spirit.  This experience of finding her Wise One supported Therese in all areas of her life; this journal is designed for you to discover your own Wise One within. Have fun with your discoveries! 




About Erin:
Erin Maze has had a lifelong interest in spirituality and crystals.  In 2013, sparked by a health crisis, Erin embraced her spiritual studies in earnest and began working with crystals on a conscious level.  She studied shamanism, Healing Touch for Animals and Reiki.  In 2016, she started a small crystal company, Cosmic Rocks, in Kamloops, BC.  Erin is a practitioner and instructor of Tameana, an ancient, high-vibrational healing modality recently re-discovered in Latin America.  Erin is also a certified facilitator of the Energy Codes, based on the inspirational work of Dr. Sue Morter.



portraits-BeccaAbout Rebecca:
Rebecca Mutch was raised and nurtured in the beautiful Interior of BC.  She has drawn deep spiritual inspiration from her natural environment all her life, and has always felt compelled to illustrate and communicate the glorious moments and structures of Mother Earth.

Rebecca studied graphic design at TRU, and worked in this field for several years, eventually leaving it to start a family.  This allowed her to focus on her true passion-- painting and drawing her beautiful, nature-inspired visions.  In 2018, Rebecca had her first public art show at The Old Courthouse Gallery.  

Rebecca was called by the light of this project and the opportunity to bring this work forward to the sisterhood of women it reaches.  This heart-centred journal is an exciting opportunity to share her paintings and spiritual visualizations with others.

Creative Consultant - Wingtip Creative Media